About Us

F. Haskins & Co, now known as Haskins Legal, was established in 1996 by Advocate Felicity Haskins who was soon joined in partnership by Advocate Alan Merrien.  

On 1st February 2014, Advocate Merrien having left, Advocate Haskins was then joined in partnership by Advocate Rebecca Wherlock.  Together, they decided to rename the firm Haskins Legal.  Advocate Wherlock brought with her from the UK, an extensive experience of family cases involving complex finances. Her experience gained from 1995, includes family law, civil litigation and also management in law firms as well as within a mental health charity. 

From June 2014, Advocate Haskins became a Consultant Partner at Haskins Legal which position she held until she left the firm on 31st July 2017.  

Haskins Legal now continues to be led by Advocate Wherlock who says: 

Felicity’s fighting spirit is embedded in the very fabric of Haskins Legal.  It is firmly part of our approach, and will be for generations to come. It is a cornerstone of the firm’s culture. We thank Felicity for all that she has done and we wish her every happiness for the future.  

As for the future of Haskins Legal, I am both enthused and excited about this next step in the evolution of the practice. My team and I continue to offer excellent technical ability and knowledge together with a solid commitment to a high level of client service. We are passionate about the law and about finding solutions. We have the ability to seek out a settlement if possible and, if it’s a fight that’s needed, then we are raring to go. That indomitable spirit will always be part of our work. It is in our very bones.”