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Our Fees

At Haskins Legal, we recognise that whilst the question at the top of your list will be, can we help you with the issue you have, the second question on your list will likely be, “what about the costs?”

We offer options when it comes to our fees.

Put simply, these options are legal aid, fixed fees and hourly rates.

Some or all of these options may well be available to you.

We provide some more information and some figures below but please do call us to discuss.

We send interim bills regularly, usually monthly. We may also be able to come to an arrangement with you regarding monthly payments to help you to spread the costs.

Legal Aid

We can act for you on legal aid where legal aid is available for the type of issue you have and where you are eligible to receive that funding. Contact us for a list of information/documents we will need to carry out an initial assessment as to whether legal aid is available to you.

Fixed Fee Initial Meeting - £250

This is an opportunity for you to meet one of our Advocates and for us to learn more about the issue you have in mind.

We can discuss with you the ways in which your issue can be dealt with e.g. negotiation, mediation, court etc.

We can ascertain your priorities and we can also discuss with you the next steps that may be taken. We can talk timescales.

We can also discuss how fees for further work you may wish for us to do will be funded. For example, whether there will be a Fixed Fee (see below) available for any part of that work or whether that further work would be on an hourly rate basis (see below).

Contact us to arrange your appointment.

We can make appointments outside of office hours if that is more convenient for you.

Fixed Fees

We offer the following Fixed Fees. Please note that disbursements e.g. Court and Greffe fees are in addition to our Fixed Fees: -

  • Undefended divorce : £1,000 plus disbursements

This Fixed Fee includes the preparation of the divorce petition, preparations for service in the Bailiwick, Application for Provisional Order of Divorce, Court attendance for Provisional Order for Divorce, Application for Final Order of Divorce.

Note: this Fixed Fee does not include any children matters or any financial matters.

  • Change of name (Deed Poll) : £275 plus disbursements

If more than one Deed Poll is required e.g. for a couple or for a number of children, then a discounted fee is available.

  • Wills (one set of simple Wills of Realty and Personalty) : £350

If more than one set of Wills is required e.g. for a couple, then a discounted fee is available

  • Probate

£750 : Applying for Probate, Guernsey Gross Estate with total value up to £50,000

£1,000 : Applying for Probate, Guernsey Gross Estate with total value over £50,000

£250: Intestate Affidavit

  • Certification (not by Notary Pubilc) : £20 per document (not per sheet)

Note : for documents larger than 25 sheets, an additional photocopying charge will be added at 20p per sheet for each sheet over the 25.

Hourly Rates

If legal aid and/or Fixed Fees do not apply to all of the issue you need to deal with then our work is provided on the basis of hourly rates. In other words, your bill will be calculated according to the time we spend on your matter.

There are four Advocates in our team. We offer a range of hourly rates.

Our current hourly rates are (last updated 29.6.18):

  • £385 Advocate Rebecca Wherlock
  • £375 Advocate Candy Fletcher or Advocate Sarah Martin
  • £350 Advocate Sara Collins
  • £242 Trainees/Paralegals and fee earners of equivalent experience

As indicated above, we may well be able to come to an arrangement with you to make monthly payments in order to spread the costs for you.

If you like, we can also discuss the setting of a limit on our fees with the intention that we would contact you when that limit was reached for you to decide whether or not you wish to continue.

These are some ideas, but we are happy to listen to ideas you may have about fees too. Let’s talk about it.


If you would like to discuss our fees, whether that is a question about legal aid, our Fixed Fee Initial Interview, our hourly rates or other Fixed Fees that we may be able to offer, please contact us.