Open market and Local market

Guernsey has a specific system for dealing with the occupation of property. We talk of the open market and the local market and of housing licences. The rules are complex and also relate to an individual’s right to work. We advise you on your individual circumstances and the options available to you.

Buying a property

We guide you through the entire procedure from the outset and try to make your purchase stress free and exciting. We will carry out all property/boundary searches, discuss the results with you and draw your attention to any potential problems. We can also put you in touch with surveyors and financial advisers.  


The fee quote we give you will be based on the property itself and what is likely to be required to complete the purchase.  

Share transfer agreements/commercial properties

Properties held in a company often change hands by way of a share transfer agreement. We will advise on all aspects of these transactions and the pros and cons of this method.


Co-owners and cohabitation agreements 

We regularly draft agreements to cover all situations that may be required in the complex myriad of varied individual needs and circumstances, such as protecting your individual investment or family needs and setting out what is to happen on separation or ending of co-ownership, from the outset, with a view to avoiding or reducing the areas of subsequent dispute.


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