Wills and Estate Planning

Life is fragile. You really do need to have a will and to review it regularly during your lifetime.

The old rules of forced heirship were removed in April 2012; people domiciled in Guernsey now have testamentary freedom so you can leave your assets to whoever you choose. However, the position remains complex as there are some circumstances when the ‘old rules’ still apply.  There is also the risk of claims being made against your estate.  

Ensuring you have a will and that it is regularly up-dated will make things so much easier for your surviving family and enable your wishes to be carried out. 

We can help you create a will and offer advice on how to protect and preserve your wealth. We offer friendly sensitive solutions to all aspects of inheritance.

You may have a claim against an estate in certain circumstances and we can offer you advice on your prospects of success of making such a claim and can of course act for you in progressing that claim.

We can also advise you on other aspects of estate planning such as the creation of living trusts and powers of attorney.

We regularly carry out probate and estate administration.

We do not provide tax advice but work with tax advisors to ensure you are able to access tax advice too.


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